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>> we have live coverage at this hour. people in new york and new jersey are fighting for survival. after the storm president obama and governor mitt romney are fighting for votes. while voters in maryland are still lined up for hours. we begin with steve handelsman. he's on capitol hill. steve? >> doreen, thanks. it's a numbers game. four days to go. 7.9%. that's the new unemployment number. in the race for the white house both sides tonight are disagreeing about the meaning of that. but they agree about the importance of the number 18. the electoral votes of the state of ohio. and both sides badly want them. so close to the end you know they're in ohio. mitt romney in aetna. >> i'm counting on you. >> reporter: president obama in hilliard taking credit for the auto bailout. >> it paid off in toledo. where chrysler's adding more than 1,000 new jobs on a second shift. not in china. right here in ohio. >> reporter: it paid off for him.
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a two-point lead in ohio polls. >> compaes hired more workers in october than at any time in the last eight months. >> reporter: it's the last jobs report before the vote. 7.9% unemployment, slightly worse. 171,000 new jobs, better than expected but not great. >> 700,000 is really where we want to be. relative to where we were last spring this is much better. >> reporter: the president went to springfield, ohio taking on more that he says is better. >> housing starts are on the rise. we're less dependent on foreign oil than any time in the last 40 years. >> reporter: on his way to ohio romney stopped in wisconsin, where he's polling five points behind. >> candidate obama prochls promised to do so very much but he's fall zone very short. >> reporter: he said the president pledged unemployment down to 5% by now. >> today we learned it's actually 7.9%. and that's 9 million jobs short of what he promised. unemployment is higher today
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than when barack obama took office. think of that. >> reporter: governor romney has two stops in ohio today. president obama three. and they'll both be back before tuesday. both candidates campaigning as if they believe any letup and they'd lose ohio and lose the election. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. right now we're in the final hours of early voting in the state of maryland. tends at 9:00 tonight. and once again there are long lines at the sports and learning center in landover, where people are trying to cast their ballot. extra voting machines were added at this and other locations across the county. but people are still waiting hours on end. today our prince george's county bureau chief tracy wilkins learned that an important reason for the backlog is lack of space and those voting machines. we'll have more in a live report coming up in the next half hour. it is not ye9 clear exactly how the aftermath of hurricane sandy will affect voter turnout next week.
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what is clear is that a big event scheduled for this weekend, the new york city marathon, has been canceled. nbc's jay gray is in atlantic city now with more on that breaking news and recovery from the storm efforts. jim? >> reporter: hey there, jim. yeah, after a couple of days of controversy mayor bloomberg reversing his decision and canceling the marathon late today, making sure all the resources are focused on the recovery. you can see what's left of the boardwalk behind me in atlantic city. this is not the world famous boardwalk but another around this city. it's gone now. it's been wiped away. and others still trying to recover up and down the coast. heavy equipment helps to steer the difficult recovery. power lines are going back up. but many places are still overmatched by the devastation sandy left behind. >> this is well beyond what any of us ever imagined. >> reporter: the long road to
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recovery now literally lined with hundreds of thousands struggling to survive. the line stretched for blocks if you're lucky but more often for miles. people waiting in traffic or for a ride on the limited public transportation available. hundreds hanging out just to charge their phones. >> don't be difficult, ma'am. >> reporter: but the longest and most contentious lines stretch from the few stations that still have fuel. relief could be on the way. tankers are moving back into new york harbor. but help has been much harder to find for many on staten island. >> no heat. we have no power. >> reporter: and hope is quickly fading as well. >> we have bodies being removed up the block. we are devastated here. >> reporter: devastation that after days of controversy pushed mayor michael bloomberg to reverse an earlier decision and cancel the new york city marathon. so many instead continuing their focus on the difficult race to
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recover. and that's a race that's going to be very difficult and take a very long time. they're learning that here in atlantic city. they're learning it in lower manhattan and up and down the atlantic coast right now. live in atlantic city i'm jim gray. jim, doreen, back to you now. >> thank you, jay. with all the challenges they're facing in new jsey andew york, all eyes are focused on another potential coastal storm. doug kammerer has a look at what we can expect next. doug? >> doreen, this is not going to be a hurricane. it's probably not even going to be a major storm by our standards, but it is still going to be a big storm potentially and that could still cause big problems in an area that really does not need to see much in the way of storms. the pattern is set for a possible coastal storm. deep jet stream out there right now but over the next couple of days into monday it's going to start to take a big dive. as it does we see an area of low pressure move all the way to the gulf coast, pick up a lot of moisture then head right up the coast. it will have an impact on our area and it will most definitely have an impact on portions of new york and over there toward new jersey. so we're going to talk much more
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about that. it could also bring some snow to parts of our area, especially back toward the mountains. an area that was very hard hit by sandy with upwards of two to three feet of snow. derrick ward was out there in garrett county today as many people are struggling without power. >> reporter: we got the rain. they got the snow. here in the mountains of western maryland the storm that combined with hurricane sandy dumped 30 inches of snow over the course of just a few hours. a lot even for those used to snow. >> we're making it. i've lived here over 60 years and it's the worst i've ever seen. on the road we live on about five miles from here the first morning it was just devastating. >> reporter: enough to call out the national guard. they teamed up with the state police and other local agencies for search and rescue missions in the more remote mountain areas. those who may be trapped beyond the cleared roadways. everybody's lending a hand. >> we have a group of people from the northern and mennonite, a lot of farm equipment. they arrived one day at a
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grantsville garage and showed up and said we're here to help with all their farm equipment, we don't want pay, we just want to help people out. >> reporter: to give you a sense what they're up against this is the last bit of cleared road up this way. just beyond this the road hasn't been touched and that gives you a sense of the magnitude of this snowfall. others use logging equipment like this skitter to clear the roads of fallen trees. sometimes the challenge was just getting to the big machines. >> i actually -- i cut my way out with my power saw to get this and then i brought it back. >> people cutting and getting the wood out of the way and helping us. but if we get another snowstorm and nowhere to push the storm it's going to create a real big problem. >> i think all in all everybody's surviving. >> it's the cold temperatures. 50 degrees up there in washington. 46 in leesburg. 45 in winchester. winchester in the 30s right now. they're going to be going down a lot more.
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as we make our way into the morning i'll show you those wind chills when you wake up. coming up in my full forecast. the identity of the man who was shot and killed by a d.c. police officer today has just been released. his name was justin turner. he's said to be 28 years old. the d.c. police say turner attacked an officer with a knife in northeast washington this morning. police are responding to a domestic dispute when the suspect attacked the officer from behind. the officer's injuries are said to be not life-threatening. tonight the reward in a deadly shooting in charles county has increased to $20,000. somebody opened fire on a married couple as they walked on a trail in waldorf last week. the wife deciied. the his survived. investigators say the man in this sketch is the suspect in that shooting. we have an update now on a news 4 exclusive we brought you yesterday. tonight pat collins explains how police are hoping to find a suspect in a violent attack in northeast d.c. >> reporter: cops on bikes, in
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squad cars, in plain clothes. a full-court press passing out flyers, looking for information. it was here at this same time last friday that it happened. a man burst into a rhode island row aprmt, tries to sexually assault a 24-year-old woman, and then stabs her more than 25 times. >> he was just stabbing me everywhere. over and over again. >> reporter: we call her vale e valerie. we've concealed her face and her real identity. i talked to her yesterday. she continues to recover from this assault. >> do you think he left you for dead in that apartment? >> yes. because there was a lot of blood and i don't think he knew where he stabbed me and i think it seemed like i was going to die. >> reporter: security cameras videotaped the suspect on the elevator inside the building.
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police have put those same pictures on flyers that they passed out today, hoping someone will identify this man. at rhode island row there are three levels of security. you need a key card to get into the front door. you need a key card to get on the elevator. you need a key card to get into your apartment. so how did this guy get inside? it appears he may have followed a resident into the building. it appears that another resident maybe acting as a good samaritan swiped the card and allowed him onto that elevator. reaction now from some residents of rhode island row. >> just as a person living in the building it's unsettling that somebody could make their way inside like that. i don't know. i just hope that the police are doing all that they can right now. >> i just try to always be aware of what i'm doing and i know it's not the safest neighborhood. but it's a nice building. so hopefully it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: again, if you know this suspect, if you know
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anything about this case, call police. 202-727-9099. 202-727-9099. there's a $25,000 reward in this case. in northeast, i'm pat collins. news 4. coming up, more live storm team 4 coverage. more than a million people are still without power just in new jersey. now help from virginia has arrived. d.c. mayor gray lowers speed camera fines, but there are already complaints that it's not low enough. a d.c. official defends his use of a government phone to call an adult chat line. >> i'm tired of barack obama and mitt romney. >> that's why you're crying? >> and proof that a long
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still dark and cold tonight
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after sandy knocked out power. for one town in new jersey nearly everyone has been without electricity for four days now. jim rosenfield is in essex falls with a look at the help that's arrived from our area. jim? >> hey, jim, this gives you an idea of what some of these power company crews are up against. this is one tree that fell across a road. so it knocked out power to this neighborhood. we've been out here all day. we do have progress to report. the utility company that was here, the crews that are here, they're up in the buckets, they've moved on because they finished their work here and they're moving to other parts of this community. but still, no power here yet. 90% of the 2,200 people who live in this borough still do not have power, and they're waiting. >> it's 21 degrees outside. we're freezing. we have no heat. anything. >> reporter: desperate pleas from the powerless in essex
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county. residents see utility trucks and beg for relief. >> is it tough on you guys? >> yeah. we're doing our best. you know, there's a lot of damage. >> reporter: their best means navigating around a maze of massive downed trees. 100 of them in essex falls alone. it's slowing restoration to the estimated 700,000 pse & g customers still without power in a state with about 1.5 million still in the dark at last count. so the sight of these crews after life in limbo is restoring long-lost smiles to weary faces. >> i never thought i'd be so happy to see a pse & g truck. >> i looked outside. it felt like christmas. someone delivering new telephone poles. this is the most happy feeling i've had since a week ago. >> reporter: and more help is on the way. after governor christie urged the utilities to speed up restoration. thousands of crews from other states are now descending on the region. the first of 1,500 from virginia
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domminian set out from national harbor this morning. the largest out of state deployment ever mobilized by that company. >> most of the customer base is extremely grateful. we do derive a lot of satisfaction out of that. you get children holding up signs and stuff like that. it's fantastic. hopefully we'll run into the same thing out there. and i'm sure we will. we're there to help. along with practically every other utility on the eastern seaboard. >> reporter: even with that extra help that house you're looking at there is still dark tonight. the best estimate for restoring power to all of the kuchts served by pse & g here in 14 counties, within the coming week. that's the latest from essex fells, new jersey tonight. jim rosenfield, news 4. jim and dor yeerngs back to you. >> a lot of those people are just going to have to keep waiting. >> they're having a terrible time. thanks, jim. >> our hearts really go out to those people. we kind of got spared. but they are really struggling. >> yeah, they really are.
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they're going to continue to. right now we talk about -- when we had the derecho for us it was the heat, reco heat across the area. with this cold air. temperatures dipping into the 30s. >> yeah. we hear about the woman begging to get her power back on because it's so cold. >> they just want the heat. for us we are looking at a potential snowstorm. snf it could be snow but i don't think it will be along the i-95 corridor. let's talk about what's going on with our weather out there right now before we get to that. we've seen the cloud cover, we've seen the very cool conditions and we've seen the wind too. this is a very nice shot. taking a look athe washington monument right there in the foreground, many of the buildings around the d.c. area. i believe that's 395 right there. as far as the temperatures go right there, high of 55 degrees, low of 41. yet another day below average. and yes, windy and cool. our wind chills are in many areas in the 30s right now. very chilly evening. 50 degrees at the airport. look at the winds. west-northwest at 15 but gusting to 26 miles an hour.
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we're going to continue to see rather breezy conditions overnight tonight right on through the day tomorrow and 3r0b8 through the day sunday too. so anytime you're this chilly the wind really doesn't help a whole lot. temperatures 46 in martinsburg, 45 in winchester, 46 in leesburg, 52 the warm spot in fredricksburg. forecasted wind chills. this is what you'll wake up to tomorrow morning for wind chills. 35 degrees in washington. 29 in gaithersburg. 28 in winchester. and 28 in frederick. look at fredricksburg. around 31. again, that's what you're waking up to on your saturday morning around 8:30. it's not going to wake up very naft. i do think we will see some sunshine tomorrow but once again it's going to stay on the cool side. no rain to talk about. we do have some showers making their way around ann arundel county earlier, now moving their way across the eastern shore but really only a speck as you make your way across route 50. satellite and radar showing we still have the northwesterly flow and there have been more snow showers back toward the
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mountains during the day but for the most part this has just brought us the cloud cover and that's what it will continue to bring us the next couple days. rather cool and wind can i conditions mostly cloudy skies, i think during the day tomorrow at least partly sunny skies so i think a little more sun than we saw today and that's going to be nice but we'll still see the breezy conditions. on sunday we'll see a system pass down to our south. that should allow for more sun. i think we'll see a lot of sun on sunday afternoon. it will still be breezy. it will still be cool but sunday should be a much better day. a lot of events coming up on sunday including the redskins game, which is looking pretty good. the pattern is set for a possible coastal storm. i think we're going to see this jet stream dip down to the south. i think we'll see a storm move up the gulf coast along the jet very close to the coast. how close to the coast? right now that's the uncertainty here, but some of the latest computer models giving us a lot of rain, maybe over an inch of rain, 20 to 30-mile-an-hour winds. maybe even more. and yes, some of the first signs of potential snow, maybe even close to the d.c. metro area, but the best chance would be out to the west. so this is one we have to watch.
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it would then move up the coast, most likely as a rainstorm for parts of new york. a storm system that normally wouldn't mean a whole lot to our area except tore a couple of stormy days. but with sandy just over the last couple of days we don't need to see this. more clouds this evening breezyi and chilly 43 to 47 degrees. tomorrow morning you know it's going to be cold with those wind chills in the 30s across the region. temperatures, actual temperatures 32 to 39. so some of you will start out with wind chills in the 20s on your early saturday morning. walking out the door to 54 tomorrow afternoon, 53 on your sunday. daylight savings time. remember to turn your clocks back one hour. time to vote on tuesday way ahigh of 50 degrees and good thing the storm waits until after election day. temperatures will be quite chilly next wednesday and thursday. and of course we're going to keep you updated on that storm, keep you ahead much it. >> thank you, doug. still coming up, voters in prince george's county are still waiting hours to try to vote. now we know why this is happening. coming up in sports, the redskins prepare to pounce on
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the panthers. and the hokies take their talents to south beach. plus the wizards get ready for their first taste of home for their first taste of home cooking
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in virginia, we know education means opportunity. that's why tim kaine expanded pre-k... championed higher ed and job training... helping make virginia "the best state to raise a child." but george allen has not made our kids a priority. as governor, he tried to cut funding for public schools. in washington, allen voted to end tax deductions for college tuition. and now, a budget plan that devastates k-12 classrooms-- all to pay for even more tax breaks for the wealthy. seiu cope is responsible for the content of this ad.
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it's a ballot question that hasn't gotten much attention this fall. question 1 in virginia would put limits on the power of eminent domain. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey tells us what virginia voters need to know before tuesday. >> reporter: you'd never know dale swanson's secluded six-acre property is next to the spitz'll vania mall. and on may 5th, 2005 a planned mall and road expansion suddenly shattered the tranquility here. swanson was stunned to find bulldozers outside tearing up her property and her private road. >> they cut down trees.
6:26 pm
they bulldozed trees down. and the biggest thing is they destroyed my road. >> reporter: years later swanson is still fighting to be reimbursed for the damage. the experience has made her a fierce advocate for question 1 on the virginia ballot. the constitutional amendment would only allow eminent domain powers. the taking or damaging of private property when it's for public use, not for any kind of private gain or even economic development. attorney general ken cucanelli is one of the measure's biggest proponents. >> government's a bully, and bullies pick on people who aren't able to stand up to them, and eminent domain is often how they do it. >> reporter: but many local governments and some business groups oppose the ballot question. loudoun county chamber of commerce president tony howard says adequate private property protection also exists in virginia law. >> the business community really believes that these type of protections, which we support by and large, are best left to the state code. >> reporter: howard also fears if passed the constitutional change could hurt virginia's business-friendly reputation. >> the ballot question is written so broadly.
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and the wording is so imprecise that we don't know necessarily how it's going to rear its ugly head down the road. a lot of local governments are concerned. >> reporter: city officials in some jurisdictions even worry that the constitutional amendment could be interpreted so broadly that if they wanted to close down a street like this for a parade or art fair it would be prohibited. but cucinelli and dale swanson insist the added protection is needed. >> without question when we have no protection, we just are living under an illusion that we do have protection, and we don't. >> reporter: in spotsylvania county, julie carey, news 4. this is the last day for early voting in maryland and the long lines continue, especially in prince george's county. >> extra voting machines have been added at some voting locations but many residents are still waiting hour after hour to cast their votes. there are fears it could happen again on tuesday. our prince george's county bureau chief tracey wilkins joins us live from the sports and learning center in landover with more. tracee if. >> reporter: you can see ws thun
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of the places they added some additional machines and it did not put a dent in the line. now it's really cold and we still have folks who are lined up outside of the building here behind me. so yes, folks are worried about election day. they want to know if they're going to have to wait forever again. >> i waited in line for four hours. >> reporter: dedicated voters were put to the test during early voting with lines that stretched outside of polling places and sometimes down the street. >> i think that there has to be a better way to do it. >> if we're having, you know, three and four-hour waits during the early vote period, what does that translate to on november 6th? >> reporter: terry spiner, chairman of the prince george's county democratic central committee, is worried that some voters may have left during early voting and won't come back. >> i don't think the board of elections was prepared for the amount of people that are coming out for the early vote. >> reporter: so far an estimated 56,000 people have voted in prince george's county. that's only 10% of those registered. so the thought of what's coming
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on election day has some worried. >> the facilities that we are using are not -- don't have the capacity that we need to really conduct early voting. >> reporter: alicea alexander, elections administrator, says the state's formula for voting machines during early voting coupled with limited space resulted in longer lines in the county. but she says don't expect the same thing for election day. with more polling places and machines there may be a wait but she says it won't be as long. >> early voting is an important part of the process but we're also looking at and have to make sure that we have enough units for the november 6th election day, where the majority of the voters will come out to vote. >> my hope and prayer is that we can get folks on november 6th down to no more than an hour, hour and a half at tops. >> reporter: this is maryland's second time doing early voting. the first time doing it during a presidential election. now they have learned a lot here
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in prince george's county. they know they want to go and talk to the state about improving their situation by allowing them more places to have folks do early voting and also more machines. they also need larger arenas to hold all the folks. but they are confident that come november 6th folks won't be waiting three and four hours. reporting live in prince george's county i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> the news 4 iteam is looking out for problems with voting. if you see a problem we'd like to hear from you. call the iteam voter patrol tip line. the number is 202-885-4444. or you can e-mail your tips to make sure to give us your name and number and the location of the problem you're reporting. a d.c. official is defending his use of a government cell phone to make calls on an adult chat line. his name is lenwood johnson. he's a member of the advisory neighborhood commission. he represents columbia heights. and according to the "washington
6:31 pm
post," johnson spent 158 hours on chat lines over the last year. all of them using his government-paid phone. he told the "post" it helps keep him awake while he's driving. johnson says he was not told about any restrictions on the use of that phone. this morning a sfafrd county deputy shot and killed a 17-year-old. somebody placed a 911 call to report an abandoned vehicle. the investigation led deputies to a home about a quarter mile away on tackett's mill road. officials say an altercation happened at that home and the teenager attacked one of the deputies with a knife. that's when police shot and killed him. the number of people killed by hurricane sandy has climbed now to at least 95 across ten states. 39 of them in new york alone. officials in that city have decided to cancel this weekend's new york city marathon. there were concerns that the event would take away resources from the effort to recover from thatstorm. four days, just four days left in the presidential race,
6:32 pm
and the campaign schedules today revealed the lynchpin of the victory strategy for both sides. ohio is the must-win state. president obama had three appearances in ohio today. mitt romney two. both candidates will be back in ohio before tuesday. today mayor gray announced the district would be lowering fines from those controversial speed cameras. beginning on monday. the city has had many complaints that the tickets and high fines bring in millions of dollars. tom sherwood reports now, some say the new fines don't go low enou. >> reporter: d.c. has dozens of speed cameras to catch motorists. fines range from $75 to $250. far higher than any other local jurisdiction. mayor vincent gray friday moved to curb some of the anger over the high fines and complaints the city is just raising revenue. he said beginning monday he'll lower some of the fines for speeding but raise others. >> i thi that this is a very
6:33 pm
responsible thing to do and obviously it's connected to public safety. i have said from the very beginning that this was a public safety issue for me, not an effort to raise additional revenue. >> reporter: and the mayor said he'll use traffic fine revenues to hire 100 more police officers to help patrol growing parts of the city, bringing the force to 4,000 officers for the first time in years. beginning monday, speeding up to 10 miles an hour will cost $50 instead of $75. speeding 15 miles per hour will cost $75 instead of $100. speeding up to 25 will remain the same at $200. and the top fine for exceeding any limit by 25 miles per hour rises from $250 to $300. chief kathy lanier said only 2% of speeders are repeat speeders. they says most get the message. >> once they get that ticket, they tend to not speed again, especially in the same area. >> reporter: ward 6 council member tommy wells pursuing legislation to lower fines even more praised the mayor but said
6:34 pm
fines are still too high. >> the mayor's not going far enough. he really risks a citizen backlash against the whole camera enforcement program. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, find out what happened to that storm-battered crane left dangling over midtown manhattan. >> weather, doug. >> today onts on the cold side. 50 degrees right here but 36 in pittsburgh and that's where
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that crane that's nearly 80 stories tall is still dangling over manhattan. people who live nearby are still not allowed back into their homes. but today new york's mayor michael bloomberg said he hopes that will change by monday. he says engineers have inspected the crane and they'll start securing it tomorrow. he says they expect it to take
6:38 pm
about 36 hours. the mayor says that he hopes people in the area will be able to go back home on monday night. celebrities including bruce springteen, christina aguilera are raising money tonight for survivors of the hurricane. donations from the coming together telethon will go to the american red cross relief efforts. the concert airs at 8:00 tonight right here on channel 4. tonight at 11:00 behl share a one-on-one interview with the ex-wife of d.c. sniper john allen muhammad. and some of the things she told me were shocking, like the fact that some people blame her and her family for the shootings that left ten people dead. >> i think people would be surprised to know that other people have attacked you. >> they don't consider me or my children to be victims. after john was caught, there were people who said to me, to my face or e-mail or letters
6:39 pm
that if i would have stayed with john then he just would have killed me. >> you can hear more of our interview with mildred muhammad tonight on news 4 at 11:00. what's up with sports? >> the calm before the storm in sports. wild weekend. and we're going to get you ready. the wizards looking forward to their home opener tomorrow night. the hokies struggle in the sunshine state. and the redskins defense not playing the blame game with their struggles.
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and welcome back, everybody. take a look at this. downtown center out there loudoun county all ready for the season. what do you guys think of this, huh? >> too early. too early. >> we just got done with halloween. the kids haven't even gotten rid of their costumes yet, and they're out there putting up the christmas decorations. got to say, though, it looks pretty good. and at least it feels like it's on the fall side or rather the winter side as temperatures have been struggling to get to 50 degrees in many areas today. 50 degrees out there right now.
6:43 pm
winds out of the northwest at 14 miles an hour. somebody on my facebook page a good friend of mine said 45 days left until christmas. really? come on. at least let's get through thanksgiving first. 47 in rockville, 49 in camp springs right now and out toward annapolis coming in at 52 degrees. you know it's a cool one. and when you add all the wind it feels like the 30s and low 40s across the region. as far as the radar is concerned none of this reaching the ground. this is all ground clutter again. we tend to see that in fairly dry atmospheres though we did see some rain is earlier this afternoon in some parts of the region. temperatures tomorrow we're back into the 50s. areas back to the west, winchester, martinsburg, struggled to get into the upper 40s today, hoping to make 50 degrees tomorrow. 54 in washington and 55 in la plata. that's for your forecast on saturday. subbed we've got a couple big events. head down to the national mall early in the day. around 9:00. that's for our breathe deep d.c. walk. starting at 9:00. 45 degrees, plenty of sun, and we'll be cool but nice.
6:44 pm
wear the jackets. it's going to be a nice morning for a walk. i'll be your emcee. then come out to the game later op in the afternoon. at least watch the game in fedex field. game time in the 50s there. partly sunny, once again, cool but nice. sounds like some good weather for football. this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> come on. >> what else? what else is going on? >> redskins. >> it's going to be a wild weekend. this is an important game for the redskins. they need it. two-game losing streak and not heading into -- everybody wants to right that ship. they're going to have to do it without brandon meriweather the safety. he's out again. he's never been not in one game this season but they were hopeful after watching him practice this week.
6:45 pm
it's a no go now. plan is to get him healthy and get him in after the bye week. the leaky secondary continues. d-hall getting the pass from the league. he's going to play with his fine and his warning. the secondary's been taking the brunt of the criticism aft in the league in pa defense but the pressure is on the entire defensive unit who's only ranked two spots better. players say the problem is not just with the dbs and safeties. >> it's on the whole defense. it's up to us to get a better pass rush. it's up to the linebackers to be where they need to be in the secondary. i'm not going to sit up there and point fingers at the secondary because we're a team. it's hard to cover guys in this business but that's why we're professional footballs and it's our job as the defense to get it corrected. >> it's not something we feel good about, not something i feel good about. you know, just what you do is you look at yourself first and foremost, see what you can do
6:46 pm
better to help this defense improve. from there you just continue to work the team, believe, not get caught up in the past things that happened, just looking forward to seeing what we can do better. all right. we're looking at thursday night football in san diego. philip rivers and the chargers versus matt cassel and the chiefs picking it. you. fourth quarter chargers up 10-6. rivers throwing a strike to malcolm floyd. a 13-yard td pass. chargers up 17-6. it's an 18-point lead later in the fourth. cassel trying to bring the chiefs back and he just bountss the pass off the receiver's hands. nothing you can do about that. going the other way. it's williams all the way -- yep. 59-yard int td. chargers defense scores two touchdowns on the day. kansas city have lost five straight. are you ready for some college basketball?
6:47 pm
that time of year again. jim says he's ready. maryland hitting the hardwood tonight. the terps playing in the first exhibition game hosting i.u.p. meantime, on the gridiron the terps are down four quarterbacks. but that is not stopping them. shawn petty will get the unexpected start under center versus georgia tech tomorrow. last night virginia tech was on the road at miami. second quarter down 14-3, not for long. tech qb logan thomas with the keeper. just enough to score his 15th career hushing td. hokies miss the extra point, still down five. to the fourth. watch the effort from duke johnson. stops shy but the second effort from the freshman, that puts him over the goal line. the second effort, he had 100 yards rushing in the game.
6:48 pm
miami wins. tim says he was down but officials say td and miami wins 30-12 as virginia tech drops to four and five on the season. that's a shocking number. the wizards need to get out the windex and start cleaning up the grass. that much is clear after the season opener against cleveland. kafrz grabbed 15 more weebds in game 1's loss. come on, man. can i get a "come on, man" with that? >> come on, man! >> big man seraphin set to return. he's practiced for the second straight day. he was expected to miss between four and five weeks with the right calf strain with an injury he suffered on october 13th. he said today he's ready to go. coach randy whitman, he want make that decision final until tomorrow. as for finally playing in front of the home crowd, everyone ready to bring it.
6:49 pm
>> it's always fun opening night at home. first time being here in front of our home fabz, should be a great atmosphere with boston coming in here. i anticipate these guys are looking forward to it. i am. >> i'm really excited. my family's going to be there. this is my town now. this is my city so to speak. i have to represent what i'm capable of doing as well as amymates. hopefully the fans will be able to support us throughout the whole year. >> they open up the season at home tomorrow against boston. the season opener. another week, another cancellation in the nhl. today the league announced that the annual winter classic is no more. >> that's the best part. >> i know. the game scheduled for january 1st between the detroit red wings and toronto maple leafs at michigan stadium aka the big house in ann arbor. vance, we know you're a tennis guy. >> used to be.
6:50 pm
>> lagos, nigeria where venus and serena williams taking a tennis be match at a club that dates back so 1885. to celebrate her victory the elder williams, she's busting a move to a popular nigerian song. you know, it's no gangnam style, but she's got it. she is impressing the crowd. first i was like, serena, jut feeling sorry for her, she's got that autoimmune disease. but serena was heated. i didn't get to see it but i read she was heated. she did not want to lose. she's ranked third. >> they compete when they play. >> probably more than when they're playing anybody else. thank you, carol. coming up, why the election is so upsetting to this little girl. and for all your
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
a whole lot of people are getting tired of the tough
6:54 pm
political atmosphere right now. all those ads. well, one of them is a 4-year-old colorado girl. this is what happened after she heard one too many reports on the presidential race. >> i'm tired -- i'm tired of barack obama and mitt romney. >> that's why you're crying? oh. it'll be over soon, abby. okay? the election will be over soon. okay? >> okay. >> oh. >> looks like she's going to try to make it. abby evans's video has more than 4 million hits on youtube. and who can blame her? >> really. look at that. >> so cute. >> she's got on a hello kitty coat right there. >> barank obama? >> i know. can you make it? "i'll try." one more check on our weather, doug. >> our weather, cool. we are getting a break.
6:55 pm
i tell you what, this weekend we're going to need a break. it's going to be nice. we're finally going to see some sunshine. tomorrow partly sunny a high of 54 degrees. winds gusting upwards of 20, 25, maybe 30 miles an hour again tomorrow just like they were today. so it will be quite cool but not bad. on sunday even a little bet yes with even more sunshine. temperatures staying well below average by about 10, 15 degrees. 51 on sunday. 53 on monday. election day morning low of 38 and then once again watching that coastal storm moving up the coast wednesday and thursday. looks like it could be a lot of rain and maybe even some snow in parts of our area. so stay tuned. >> we will. thank you, doug. i doubt that i'm alone in my effort these past few days to sort out my feelings about what we all just went through. that storm was awful. but unspeakably more traumatic for some than others. a friend helped me today when she told me what she's feeling, which is emotional triage.
6:56 pm
i get that. because it almost perfectly describes my confusion. here's what i mean. i don't know how i could be more grateful that we here in the d.c. area didn't get clobbered. now, please understand, that is not to minimize the destruction and loss that were suffered by more than a few of us here. but compared to the jersey shore and new york city, actually, i don't think there is a comparison. i never lost power. not for a minute. there are people in new jersey who lost everything. everything. you probably saw that woman who cried that all she had left was the shirt on her back. i don't think she was exaggerating. but the story that just ripped my heart out was that woman who lost her two babies to those waves. the image of her trying desperately to hold on to those children against the unimaginable force of the whole atlantic ocean and then that moment when she couldn't hold on any longer and those babies were torn from her arms and gone. i don't know how to handle that. i don't know what to do with that. and now for all of those folks up there with no home, no car,
6:57 pm
no nothing, here now comes the prospect of yet another spell of bad weather. guy at cbs today asked me how i'm doing. i told him considering everything i'm just fine. and i meant it. one other necessary observation here. props and love to pepco. a while back i beat up on its president thomas graham after their sorry response to a storm. well, you guys surely did get it right this time. to tom graham and all the rest of pepco, way tgo. charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to...
6:58 pm
protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
6:59 pm
would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me,

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